too cool for school

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Hello! So my holiday is officially over today. My 6 weeks of freedom will turn into a whole lot of weeks of studying. Ofcourse I'm not really looking forward to all the homework and studying but I don't really mind going back to school because I really need to get into my old routine again. It might be tiring but atleast I'm getting things done. And well I'm probably not the only one who doesn't do anything at all in  the holiday right?! 
And I have to admit, I'm quite scared for this year because ..
it's my final year in highschool and if I'm lucky I'll graduate this year and get my Havo diploma! But I'm certainly doing the best I can to do so!

The weather really turned around here in holland but I'm not complaining. Because to be honest I really don't mind the autumn weather at all, but I'm probably the only one here.
Even though there's only one bad thing about it; the sun doesn't come out often so it tends to be cloudy and for some reason my pictures never turn out right when there isn't good lightening. And even though I edit them I'm still not statisfied. Does anyone know how I can fix this with my camera? I have a Nikon d300, if that helps..
And I also feel like blogger makes the quality of my photo's worse, or is that just me? 
But enough for now, bye

Oh and by the way, this is probably the outfit what I'll be wearing on the first day of school monday, comfy and casual. Do you already know what you'll wear?



  1. Ik vind je vest heel mooi! En wat een leuke schoentjes heb je aan!
    Liefs, Tessa

    1. Dankjewel! En ik ben echt verliefd op de schoenen! Ik was al zo lang naar zulk soort schoenen opzoek en nu had ik ze dus eindelijk ergens gevonden :)

  2. Wat leuk gecombineerd allemaal! Hele mooie outfit :)

  3. Hele mooie outfit, je schoenen zijn leuk zeg. En wat een leuk vest!

  4. Je bent niet de enige die van het herfst-weer houdt! Love jouw outfit, erg leuk :)

  5. Leuke outfit, perfect voor dit weer!

    Liefs x

  6. Herfst is één van mijn favoriete seizoenen, dus you're not alone girl <3

  7. Wat ziet je vest er leuk uit!

  8. Mweh, same here. Echt jammer dat de vakantie over is, he? Je hebt wel echt een súperleuke outfit aan. Dat vest lijkt me echt heerlijk.

  9. foto's zijn goed bewerkt


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