I don't need any colour.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

 Here we have me in my favorite colour: Black. Well actually black isn't even a colour, but it is one for me. I've always liked black, it goes with everything and depending on what and how you wear it I feel like black has something, strong, fierce, mysterious and sexy. This ( to me ) does obviously not always count, but..
it does very often. 
I'm so in love with these trousers. I've been wanting trousers like this for ages and now I finally have them! Too bad you see them everywhere now.
That's one thing I don't like. Sometimes I've been wanting something for such a long time ( like these trousers or shoes ) but I can't find it anywhere, or I've found it but I can't buy it due the fact that the store is not near to where I live or due the fact that I don't have paypal to order it. Then, when I finally found it - they sell it in so many stores that now everyone is able to have the same thing. 
And I'm not the one to say " I had it first you can't wear it " but I do like to have outfits that are a little different from what the people I know wear or just have a different twist to it.

anyhow, I'm in love with this outfit since it looks so effortless but still so neat and classic. I'm wearing a new sweater, trousers and shoes so I'll give more details about where I got it in my haul soon! ( I hope I'll be able to post it this friday. )

And I'm already halfway through this week of school and things are looking ok so far. 
But to everyone who still has holiday : you're some lucky bastards. 
and to the rest that's also in school: good luck, you can do it! 


p.s. I have a feeling that the quality of the photo's looks kinda bad due how I edited them in photoshop? My apologies.


  1. Weeer een super leuke outfit Deem! Je foto's zijn altijd zo mooi, wauw!

  2. Prachtige outfit! Zwart staat je goed :)

    Jules x

    1. Dankjewel Jules! haha het is ook een van mijn favoriete kleuren om te dragen :)

  3. Hele mooie outfit. Die broek is echt heel gaaf. Die ketting maakt de outfit echt af.

  4. Oeeeh leuk deem! Je titel moet echt denken toen ik zij 'is dit niet te zwart?' haha :)

    1. Thanks! Haha het kan nooit té zwart zijn ;)

  5. Heel leuk! Een all black outfit is altijd mooi :)
    Ik heb de laatste tijd de neiging om alleen zwart, wit en grijs aan te doen of kleding in die tinten te kopen :p


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