Sunday, 8 September 2013

So last friday ( well i guess it was friday haha) i got nominated for the liebster award. Well that's amazing!, since it's the first thing i've ever been nominated for with my blog. I got nominated by Anouk, so check out her blog! if you want to know what the liebster award is and how you can get nominated and more, then click on read more :)

What's the liebster award?
The liebster award is for blogs with less than 200 followers, so the small blogs. If you get nominated for the liebster award you can nominate other blogs, so it basically is to let you discover new blogs. And you just nominate other blogs that you think should have more followers.

How do you enter the liebster award?
You can enter if you got nominated by another blogger. If you get nominated you write a blogpost about the liebster award and in the post you need to feature:
- 11 facts about yourself
- 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you
- nominate 11 other bloggers
- make 11 other questions up for the bloggers you nominated.

11 facts about myself.

  1. I'm slightly obsessed with london and i would love to live there or even go to college there even though i haven't even been there. ( is it even possible to love it so much even though i've never been there? haha)
  2. incase you didn't know yet ( which is almost impossible ) i love one direction
  3.  i really love making ( spontanious ) pictures
  4. i hate school (obviously )
  5. i'm currently living the healthy life and trying to get fit
  6. i love travelling
  7. i barely watch tv
  8. i work in a snackbar
  9. i love melon and mango
  10. my favorite dish is chicken tandoori
  11. i'm creative ( i guess? haha)

11 questions from anouk

1. who's your favorite 'small' blogger ?

Well tbh i don't really have a favorite since most of the blogs are those really big and well known ones. But if i really had to choose one it's Mariana's FASHION ENVIOUS blog even though she already has more than 400 followers.

2. what's your favorite movie?
Definitely the notebook! or Harry potter :)

3. where would you love to go on holiday?
well obviously london, or something like Australia, America or the Maledives.

4. What did you want to become when you were a child?
ohhh I remember being a child and always wanting to be a princess ( like i think almost every young girl? haha ) and a mom :)

5. who or what inspired you to become a blogger?

6. are there any goals you want to reach in your life?
yes, becoming fit and have a nice blog. And to be happy and have a nice job, husband, family etc when i'm older :)

7. how do you think about wearing leggings as pants?
oooooh my god i hate it so much when i see people wearing leggings as pants like for real omg i don't even know what to say about it. If you wear a legging with like an oversized tee or just something that covers up your butt and crotch i'm okay with it but otherwise just urghh

8. which animal would you like to be?
a bird because then i can fly, and just go to disneyworld or london or america or wherever i want to go and if i don't like someone i could just shit on their head and be like oooh i'm just a stupid bird hahahahaha

9. where do you get your inspiration for your blog?
basically everywhere, i could easily get inspired by people i see walking in the city while i'm shopping or something like that.

10. what's your favorite food?
chicken tandooi :) i just can't describe my love for it it's sooo delicious

11. what do you think of my blog?
it's really nice and your pictures are incredibly beautiful and clear!

i nominate...
( i decided to also nominate bigger blogs since i really like them, and if you read this whole post you know that i barely know any small blogs so otherwise i would end up with only nominating like 2 blogs haha)

my questions.
- what's your favorite book?
- what's your favorite piece of clothing item?
- something that's on your wishlist
- describe yourself in 3 words
- what's your all time favorite song?
- favorite fashion style?
- any dreams you would like to archieve?
- favorite season?
- favorite store?
- favorite tv-show?
- your best memory?

i hope you all liked this post!
xoxo, demi


  1. Leuk! Ik ga hem ook doen bedankt voor de nominatie!

  2. Omg, thanks for nominating me as one of your favorite small blogs!! Thank you lovely <3 x

    1. you're welcome :) and your blog really is one of my faves! xxx

  3. Wat leuk! Ik doe alleen nooit echt tags, maar het is echt super lief van je dat je me genomineerd hebt! xx

  4. i nominated you for the leibster awards click the link: xx


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